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Elite Personal Training Cary Apex Morrisville 

be your own hero
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Real people 

Real results

pesonal training to be your own hero

Back Pain Relief Specialist

personal training for back pain

  • Chronic Low Back Pain

  • Persistent Back Injuries "tweaks"

  • Muscular Tightness

  • Weakness 

  • Proper Hip & Back Function

  • Core & Glute Strength

  • Muscular Balance & Release

  • Pain Relief

You Have:
You Gain:
Aaron Kline personal trainer Cary, Apex, Morrisille
Precision Nutrition
national academy of sports medicine certified personal trainer senior fitness specialization
trainerize online personal training

Why you are here...

  • You're sick and tired of feeling of feeling sick and tired.

  • Jeans…. Once a 32 now a 42. Unacceptable.

  • You might be middle aged, but you're NOT old.

  • Can we make it so your ex regrets leaving every time they see you?

  • Your workouts are okay, but you're so bored you don’t even want to do them anymore.

  • Two words: Swimsuit season.

  • Enough is enough. It's time admit going it alone doesn't work.

  • You watched your Dad go from working to feeble, you can’t accept that for your retirement

  • Your doctor just scared the hell out of you and wants you to give me money to fix you.

  • You know you could be WAY hotter than this.

  • Emergency! Class Reunion in 3 months. Help!

  • You can't stay motivated or on task. You need accountability.

transform your reality

People come to me for change. That’s what I do. Personal training with me is where I measure my success in your stories.

  • When a client who never entered a gym before nails a perfect deadlift at their body weight the first time.

  • When a client tells me they are getting a promotion at work because they are confident and energized.

  • When I get pics from my client on vacation on the beach and they’re beaming and showing off they’re new body.

  • When I’m told, “Hey my grandkids visited this weekend and I kept up with everybody else!”

  • When I’m staring at someone swimming in their old “fat clothes" from their dramatic weight loss.

  • When I get to play referee to a teenage son and parent push-up contest challenge and announce "Mom the winner!"

  • When you win, I win. Your weight loss. Your strength gains. Your flexibility and mobility.

Your hero Journey...

leaner. stronger. sexier. Smarter.

pay as you go...

Aaron Kline certified personal trainer


training options for everyone

Why Personal Training.

Personal training is the surest, fastest route to total fitness. You want to lose weight. You want to be stronger. You want to be toned. You want the mythical six pack or maybe just a flatter stomach. You want to not feel tired when everyone else has energy. You want it to not be a boring, hellish grind to exercise. Personal training with our nutritional support makes your workout fun, energizing, confidence building and time effective our nutritional support is designed by the top nutritionists to let you lose fat and eat well. There is no question that personal training is what gets the BEST results.

Is this for me?

Most of us have considered personal training before, but not everyone considering training is a good fit for Tyr Fitness. If you are  committed to living a better quality of life then Tyr Fitness. You can make this commitment from any stage of physical fitness (from couch potato to shredded), at any age (from 16-80), or from any level of experience (what's a gym? to gym rat).  

Where we're going.

This is not about where you are - it is about where WE are going. And we are going to a better life. One where our knees and backs don't ache every morning, where we don't have to cringe at the thought of attending a class reunion because we put on ten years of fat, where we can spend the day moving our neighbors furniture or chasing around our favorite rugrat, where exercise is challenging but exciting, where we can change our bodies, laugh and celebrate a win every time. We are here to lose the fat. Gain strength. Look better. And have a good time doing it.

more than program design and counting your reps

NASM certified.


I am a National Academy of Sport Medicine Certified Personal Trainer. That means that I have been educated and rigorously tested in all of the scientifically backed forms of exercise.  It means that what I teach is not a fad or a gimmick. It is not a one-size fits all approach. It means I know what exercises will suit you, your strengths, your limits, your time and your goals. You can rest assured that training with us will be safe and effective.

My commitment to you. 


If you are accepted into our training community, you now have a personal trainer as a fitness leader. My role as leader means I know where you are on your fitness journey at ALL times. There is no wandering off, getting lost or giving up. Not without your phone being blown up asking where you've been and how you are doing. It also means you will never have to discover or celebrate your victories alone. 

My Story

280 lbs.

personal training weight loss before
personal training weight loss

170 lbs.

dramatic weight loss

My story starts at the bottom of a crippling depression, with a phone call announcing the unexpected death of my sister. Sitting there, on the floor, morbidly obese, in chronic physical pain, and emotionally overwrought, I realized that I had a choice. I could continue to live out of my depression and cause my niece and nephew to lose yet another important figure in their lives or I could take the path toward a better life. At first, my fitness story had absolutely nothing to do with my own self-worth or ambition. It was about realizing that my routine decisions to slowly decay were costing someone other than me - the people I loved and the people who loved me. This was unacceptable to me. They had lost enough.

I wanted to get up off of that floor and be the man they needed in their life. I wanted to be a combination of Marcus Aurelius, Jean Val Jean and Richard Francis Burton (he's not the actor). But I was none of those things. I was tired and sick (I smoked daily at that point). I ate terribly. I never exercised. I rarely smiled. This was going to take a lot of work.  


That day was March 25, 2009.


And let me tell you what, it was A LOT of work. And it was nothing like the Biggest Loser. In the beginning, it was fear, feelings of inadequacy, despair, doubt, and the smallest twinkle of hope. In the middle it was growing confidence (did that woman just check me out!), boredom (I cannot run around this lake one more time) and learning I'd done about a thousand things wrong (what you mean you have to balance muscle groups?!).  Now, now it's both background and passion. Background means I just know what it means to take care of myself as part of daily life. I'm 120lbs slimmer, my knee and back pain are managed well, and I am a whole lot closer to the man I wanted to be on that floor. Even so I still drink so much coffee that when I'm cremated I'll probably smell like French Roast. Get a few too many rum and Cokes in me and I'll want to wrestle you on the living room floor then refuse to go to bed (that might be fun for your wife and friends at 22 not so much at 42.) And I bet that Marcus Aurelius, Jean Val Jean and Roger Burton never had their wives chuckle and tell them, "Sometimes you're such a nerd" when they finished a ten minute speech on some book or movie or game. 

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