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Five Ways "The Walking Dead" Demonstrates the Importance of Fitness

Carol personal trainer Cary, Apex, Raleigh and Morrisville.

1. If you run out of ammo you better be able to swing something; katana, machete, baseball bat with nails in it, frozen turkey it all means upper body strength required.

1b. Carrying a baby. You could trying swinging the baby, I guess. But I doubt the baby would be for that.

2. Cardio. Cardio. Cardio. Walkers, marauders, wild animals (mostly squirrels it seems, but they can go rabid) and salesmen. They all still exist and you need to escape them.

3. Good posture and movement patterns. It wouldn't be great to make it back to your crew after a hellish trek through the Walker hordes only to be shot down cause you were slouched forward and shambling around like a Walker. Oops, sorry Jerry, thought you were a Walker when you just slouched from all those hours of playing on your I-Phone.

4. Body fat reduction. I could escape through that chain link gate gap or partially wedged door! Nope. Stuck. Man I miss Snickers... I regret nothing. ::Walker bites face:: I regret everything!

5. You will look much hotter in your ragged, scavenged clothing. Walker apocalypse or not everyone still wants to look sexier.

Be Carol, not Eugene.

Tyr Fitness: Proud Supporter of Carol Peltier. Not Domesticated

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